We are looking for the Best Easter Egg!

We are looking for the Best Easter Egg!

We are looking for Britain’s Best Easter Egg!

We need YOU to help us find Britain’s Best Easter Egg. Not only will you be helping your favourite egg maker get the accolades they deserve, but you could also win a surprise chocolate prize yourself. Plus, you’ll be honoured as an Official Chocolate Festival Judge.

Voting is easy. There are three ways you can nominate your eggy masterpiece:

1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page

2. Tweet about it and CC us @TheChocFestival ** (#BestEasterEgg)

3. Leave a comment on our Facebook page The Chocolate Festival

Since we appreciate just how many deserving eggs there are, you can nominate up to three different brands and triple your chances of winning. (Our winning judge will be chosen at random from all the nominations). Voting closes on 6th April 2012. So get cracking and vote now!

P.S. Are you an Egg Maestro?

If you make and sell Easter eggs, why not ask your fans to vote for you? Some of our favourite brands are doing just that and scoring high in our league table!

The Back Story

In the spirit of democracy, last year we launched our Best Drinking Chocolate Award – as voted by Britain’s chocolate lovers. It proved a huge success. Hundreds of you voted and eventually Mortimer Chocolate Company was crowned the nation’s winner.

This year, we’ve decided to launch a series of Britain’s Best Awards. Over the coming months, we’ll be asking you to nominate your favourite brands and products across all sorts of chocolate categories, everything from The Best Dark Bar to Best Filled Chocolates. Stay tuned…



26 Comments to We are looking for the Best Easter Egg!

  1. Lee

    I vote for the Ocean Eater egg from Marc Demarquette :-)

  2. wendy hooker

    i vote cadburys creme egg

  3. wendy hooker

    i vote nestle malteesers

  4. wendy hooker

    i vote thorntons easter egg

  5. For me, it has to be Galaxy ‘All About Indulgence’ – talk about chocolate overload!

  6. Kaya

    You can’t get much better than The Milk Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat surely?! That egg looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

    • Mina

      agree, plus the dark chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat!!!

  7. kc

    - Ferrero Rocher Easter Egg
    – Green & Blacks
    – Divine

  8. janet

    Cadbury chocolate button

  9. lawrie

    1. Malteaster bunnies with egg
    2. Hotel chocolat
    3. Prestat

  10. Noemi

    I vote Thorthons chocolate Easter egg

  11. Cate

    I love Belflair Chocolates in Banbury, and they do a fabulous chocolate ‘happy bunny’! It’s great to support independent ateliers who hand make wonderful good quality and unique chocolates.

  12. Sabina

    1 – Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg by Hotel Chocolat
    2 – Green & Black’s Mint Chocolate Egg
    3 – Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg

  13. odile

    green & blacks

  14. zahra

    Thorntons Eggs are the most scrumptious delicious mouth watering taste sensations

  15. Natty D

    Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate ostrich egg

    Paul A Young sea salt caramel filled chocolate egg

    Lindt dark chocolate bunny

  16. i vote Harrods,,, there chocolate is to die for,, love it,,,, bring on easter

  17. Steve

    I vote choc buttons!

  18. Karl

    Hotel Chocolat’s, Serious Dark Fix Extra Thick Easter Egg is fantastic!

  19. Mus

    I vote for Black Mountain Gold Chocolate, they have the most creative easter egg I’ve seen. Check out their Facebook page, you will be impressed!!!

  20. Paul

    Psychedelic egg from The Cocoa Mistress, amazing Easter egg!

  21. Alison Izzard

    I think the best Easter Egg is the Psychedelic Easter Egg from The Cocoa Mistress.
    Delicious thick Belgian chocolate and Smarties too!

  22. Jackie Roberts

    The Cocoa Mistress’s egg with the wonderful selection of colours is the best egg by far!

  23. Lynn

    The Psychedelic egg from the Cocoa Mistress is the best – so imaginative (and no doubt extremely fiddly to create) and totally delicious!

  24. sandy viner

    The cocoa mistress’s psychedelic easter egg is the best ever . a sublime chocolate delight.!

  25. The hand crafted white chocolate egg from Fortnum & Mason, filled with yummy chocolate goodies and beautifully decorated with handmade sugar flowers. They do a gift pack with a white, dark and milk chocolate egg… just in case you have to try them all.

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