The events will take place in March 2018 or later. As well as a wide range of stalls showcasing the best chocolatiers in the UK, there will also be some exciting activities for you to take part in.

Demonstrations, Tasting Talks, Book signings

Watch Master chocolatier and chefs demonstrating recipes with chocolate, take part in tutored tastings and meet the author in book signings. Please see timetable below.

Venue: Main marquee, Southbank Centre Square, Belvedere Road.
Admission: Free

Chocolate Sculpting

A festive display of chocolate sculptures made by master chocolatiers and top pastry chefs.

Royal Festival Hall, Festival Riverside
Level 1 entrance. (Near Strada)
Admission: Free


Friday 26 March

This is a guide only. Please double check prior to the event or at the main marquee banner at the event.

2-7pm – Valrhona Master Pastry Chefs Afternoon
An afternoon full of demonstrations of chocolate infused recipes with some of the best pastry chefs in the UK, who will all be using Valrhona chocolates.  Participating chefs are:

  • Andrew Gravett – Pastry Chef – Valrhona UK
  • Tal Hausen – Head Pastry Chef – The Lanesborough
  • William Curley – Pastry Chef – Skylon restaurant
  • Johannes Bonin – Executive Pastry Chef – The Connaught
  • Mourad Khiat – Head Pastry Chef – The Berkeley

Cake with peanutsSaturday 27 March

12 noon – Tutored tasting and talk about process from bean to bonbon
1pm – BBC Master Chef winner Steven Wallis
Steven will also be using Valrhona chocolate for his demonstration of courgette flower tempura & duck salad with dark chocolate vinegrate.
2pm – Raw chocolate making demonstration
3pm – Chocolate & Fruit Cremosa
Master chocolatier Damian Allsop will show you a simple technique to create stunning desserts without using dairy.
4pm – The science behind the pleasure
A talk about the health benefits of chocolate.
5pm – Food of the Gods
An interactive and inspiring tasting talk about the ‘Food of the Gods’
6pm – Taste of chocolate
The chocolate tasting experience – how to be a chocolate connoisseur in three easy steps.

Sunday 28 March

11aм – ‘The versatility of the humble Brownie’
A demonstration and tasting with David & David founders of Outsider Tart.
12 noon – Taste the Magic of Peruvian Chocolate
A tutored tasting including the magical qualities of Peruvian nature and tasting Peruvian chocolate, Peruvian raw chocolate and Camu Camu.
1pm – Tutored tasting and talk about process from bean to bonbon
2pm – Ganache making demonstration
Learn how to make a simple ganache that can be used in various recipes.
4pm – Raw chocolate presentation with easter egg making demonstration
Roar’s Chocolate Saucerer reveals the importance of knowing where your chocolate comes from.

Piece of cake

Direct Cacao Zone

Learn how to taste chocolate like fine wine or find out about the work of Direct Cacao Zone exhibitors in our Zone dedicated to tasting and appreciating fine chocolate. The program runs parallel to the main on. Whether you’re dropping in for just one session or joining them for several tastings, you’ll have a chance to learn, taste and explore your inner chocolate self with some of the UK’s best and brightest chocolatiers. Our Taste Zone is run by Seventy%, a fine chocolate review and education web site, dedicated to changing the way we eat chocolate. As well as workshops, corporate events and tastings, Seventy% also runs Chocolate Tasting Certificate Courses with the International Institute of Chocolate Tasting.

Slow Chocolate 101

These tastings give you an introduction to the world of fine chocolate tasting. Learn to slow-taste origin dark chocolate bars like a fine wine tasting, appreciate the best milk chocolate and find out what makes a fine truffle ganache – all while exploring your sense of taste with our sensory tasting games.

The Direct Connection

Find out about the work of some of the world’s leading fine chocolate makers and chocolatiers and hear the stories of cacao growers. Taste real chocolate made from directly sourced cacao. Each session will feature a different chocolate maker, chocolatier, or expert in cacao or fine chocolate.

Taste Zone Sessions


13:00 Meet the Direct Chocolate Maker – open session
14:00 Direct Connection: Honduras from bean to bar – Duffy Sheardown & Frank Homann of Xoco Fine Cocoa
15:00 Slow Chocolate 101
16:00 Direct Connection: A Venezuelan in Paris – Andres Zakhour of Ara Chocolat
17:00 Slow Chocolate 101
18:00 Direct Connection: Why trade Direct? Talk and tasting with Direct Cacao members


10:00 Meet the Direct Chocolate Maker – open session
11:00 Slow Chocolate 101
12:00 Direct Connection: British Craft Chocolate making – UK chocolate makers
13:00 Slow Chocolate 101
14:00 Direct Connection: Flavours of Nicaragua – Mikkel Friis-Holm
15:00 Slow Chocolate 101
16:00 Direct Connection: Rococo and The Grenada Chocolate journey – Chantal Coady OBE
17:00 Slow Chocolate 101
18:00 Direct Connection: From baker to chocolate maker – Chris Brennan of Pump Street Bakery


10:00 Meet the Direct Chocolate Maker – open session
11:00 Slow Chocolate 101
12:00 Direct Connection: Direct chocolate water ganaches – Damian Allsop
13:00 Slow Chocolate 101
14:00 Direct Connection: Creating with Direct chocolate – Paul A Young